is now free for all


Bback­.me is now free for ev­ery­body!

Af­ter some months of test­ing, we deem it wise to open the ser­vice to more peo­ple by mak­ing it free for all and re­ly­ing up­on do­na­tions to keep the ser­vice on­line.

If you don’t al­ready know it, the main idea of bback­.me is to mark the ob­jects with an ID which al­lows peo­ple find­ing them to get in touch with­ the own­er. The nov­el­ty is to use an ID which is an in­ter­net ad­dress (URL), and which is eas­i­ly rec­og­niz­able as such.

Ev­ery­body can choose the URL they think will be eas­i­ly reck­oned or un­der­stood by the per­son who will find the lost item.

For ex­am­ple, in an Eng­lish spo­ken coun­try, one would prob­a­bly use bback­.org, bback­.me or In France, or ren­ would be ­more ap­pro­pri­ate where­as kwi­ would be used in Nether­land­s. The do­main is al­so avail­able.

Thus, ev­ery­body has now ac­cess to the ser­vice bback­.me s­tart­ing with 5 ob­ject­s. It is of course pos­si­ble to ac­quire more IDs by mak­ing a do­na­tion.

And of course we still do not dis­play ads nor sell or dis­trib­ute your pri­vate da­ta.

Do not hes­i­tate to try it, make some feed­backs and of course share on your net­work­s.